I am not 100% sure what these graphs mean but it does not look good

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Now. In the chart above, I think it means the banks have been borrowing like crazy from the "big bank that is supposed to save everyone if they run out of money"...

.... and that all banks are about $125 billion overdrawn.

The charts don't go back to 1930, so I can't easily compare the present to what was happening back around 1928 - 1929... Anyone care to shed some light on that?

Hi Rimu, I don't think most

Hi Rimu,

I don't think most people realise what the *federal reserve* actually is and who actually owns it...more info here if you're interested...

The above is perhaps not the best link but it's all there (not in mainstream media of course) if people really want to get to what may be the root cause underpinning *peak oil* and climate change etc, etc...And there are great books that give history pre 1930 which may also put it all into understandable context.

Another thing is that there is actually no legal grounding whatsoever for Americans to pay Federal Income Tax - woa, that's hard to fathom for some I bet, true though, a friend who was the Press Secretary to the Attorney General of San Francisco can attest to that one.


So regardless of peak oil, climate change or whatever else may be happening in the world, I think it has always been sensible and sustainable that humans self-organise and bring the power back to local community. Which is why the transition town movement is a great start, and a great proponent to that realisation at least.

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Here's another link with more graphs...it's an older article but still relevant...


:) Ruth