Transition Hawke's Bay Steering Group

Transition Hawke's Bay Steering Group


The purpose of the steering group is to facilitate the formation of new sub groups in topic areas, and to facilitate the formation of new local area groups. At the moment the group represents interest from Hastings, Havelock North, Napier and some CHB locations. In the longer term we hope to devolve to local groups - Transition Hawke's Bay is really just holding the space for a Transition Haumoana, Hastings or other area to get established as that is a better community level to work at. 

The Steering Group is currently: Lynda Warren Snr, Lynda Warren Jnr, Marion Thomson, Lani Morris, Heather Scherger,  Nichola Evans (currently 'on secondment' to the UK!) Jo Duff and Duncan Kinnear, but whoever comes are the right people!  Please let us know if you would like to participate.

Next Meeting

Friday  August 15th, 12pm, Environment Centre, 220 Russell St, Hastings


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  4. James Samuel trip to HB in Sep
  5. Sue Bradford talk 21st Aug
  6. council liaison
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