Workshop Notes - Culture and Entertainment July 2008

The energy crisis has effects on travel, trade, access to work and also access to social events. Social and spiritual needs would best be served locally. Often these will be affected by the local nature of work, be it seasonal, nine to five or shift work. A sense of community can be enhanced by

  • Celebration,
  • Activities catering to all ages and cultures currently here,
  • Group specific activities.

Strategies identified to enable this were:

·        We need a central place where people can easily access this information.

·        The festival of Lights is a great event, which could be more utilized and enhanced by more seasonal celebrations along Steiner style lines.

·        Greater utilization of existing facilities such as the Bowling building, Museum Forecourt and the Community House.

·        Increasing the profile of community activities such as articles in the newspaper, and entries in the “Found” directory.

Action proposed at this stage is to approach the Community House to set up a database for activities, events, and groups by Susan Milton.