Workshop Notes - Staying Sane, Having Good Meetings, and Resolving Conflict July 2008


The salient points that arose from this meeting are as follows:

*        Transition town counters globalisation.  The coming changes are providing us with an amazing opportunity to create healthier and more cohesive communities with people working together to help and support each other. 

*        The supermarkets and various retailers are not the enemy – their livelihoods are going to be affected and they are also part of our community.

*        It is important to have a positive vision of these transitions.  To help people see them as creating new opportunities.  We will need to emphasise what communities and individuals can do together rather that having a doom and gloom perspective.

*        The need to have co-ordination amongst all of the groups for knowledge sharing especially in relation to communication skills when the transition town groups are dealing with the wider community.

*        One of the key issues will be how to communicate the proposals and ideas about the changes to everyone – to make sure that ALL members of our community are involved and empowered to be involved.


The discussion also centered around:

*        How to communicate the changes that are going to be happening – opening up communication.

*        Oppportunities for personal growth in this process.

*        Sustaining interest in the meetings – making them enjoyable

*        Furthering knowledge and understanding of conflict resolution.

*        How to ensure this is a process of whole well-being  - physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual.

*        Involvement of Tangata Whenua.

*        Inclusion of people who may normally be missed in a process like this and ensuring the proposed changes embrace the needs of the entire community

*        Neighbours sharing food and helping out, co-operation

*        Creative Ways to handle mental health issues