Workshop Notes - Carpooling July 2008

Carpooling is a paradigm shift and easy to take step.

Both councils need to take a role- clusters/ park and ride

Golden Bay has a car pooling website.  Put down were you want to go.  It recommends a koha of $1 per 10km

Golden Bay also has “hitching seats”

There needs to be a back up for carpooling such as a bus service

Carpooling needs to be based around where people are going eg. Workplace rather than where people are coming from.

For commuting using carpooling you need certainty

Marahau had a website carpool but it no longer exists

 Transit will allow "bus stop" equivalents for carpooling cars to pull over and pick up passengers.  Website and hitching seats are complementary.

Motueka needs a rural public transport system.  There are plenty of examples overseas.

Carpooling and public transport are complementary

If people know about other carpools it creates a safety web

Three key points:

Carpooling based on a website and hitching seats is a viable transport option

Carpooling and public transport are complementary- TDC needs to step up.

Carpooling is viable fro both commuting and casual/grocery/appointments travel

Action: Jenny and Richard to liaise on carpooling plans Nelson Sustainable Transport Futures Group develops