Business and Economics

We have a growing group of people who are interested in money,  how it is vulnerable in the current economic situation, and what may be done to create local resilience. Replace the "at" with the symbol "@" in the email addresses.

For information on plans and activities in Motueka, click links below.

Complementary Currency Vision for 2020  February 2009

MOSS is Back!  November 2008

Locals' Craft and Produce Market  November 2008

Motueka Local Currency Creation Meeting   November 2008

TTM Update - moving along! - report on Christoph Hensch workshop, Crash Course self education link    November 2008

A Weekend of Events - Currency, Crisis, and Community Resilience November 2008

Rev. Peter Norman Explains Current Financial Crisis September 2008

Sustained Momentum Gathering Meeting - workshop ideas - What's Happening to Our Money? and Local Currencies   September 2008

Workshop Notes - Alternative Socio-Economic Systems (PROUT) July 2008

Workshop Notes - Community Currency July 2008