Education is the key to motivating change. People only modify behaviours when they are aware of information that makes it necessary or desirable to do so. We have groups working on spreading the word both to adults and to our children, who will be inheriting the world from us in whatever shape we leave it. Replace the "at" with the symbol "@" in the email address.

For information on plans and activities in Motueka, click links below.

Vision for 2020  February 2009

Film Projection System  February 2009

New Learning  December 2008

Free Unique Natural – FUN: A new understanding of learning  December 2008

General Education Draft Vision  December 2008

TTM Update - moving along! - Craft Fair (Dec 29) stalls available, Evolution 09 (early Jan) presence possibilities   November 2008

Fresh FM Podcasts Now Online November 2008

Adult Community Education venue for workshops September 2008

TTM Education Series Proposal September 2008

Sustained Momentum Gathering Meeting - Updates included  September 2008

Workshop Notes - Education July 2008