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TN Housing Group Minutes 18.11.08


Present: Peter, Keith

Apologies: Alison, Yvonne



Agreed to add a further project – to lobby the council to extend the criteria for fire replacement to include installation of high efficiency wood burners. Noted that the  DIY insulation project will  probably run as an NEC project and that the allotment project will probably come under the food group and the focus may be more on demonstration allotments in parks and reserves. NCC seems to be keen on this.



Katy is putting together a funding proposal to SMF for the NEC projects, including TN, and needs to have it completed by early December. The funders require a 20% contribution from each applicant so we need to find 20% of the cost of each project we wish to do. Possible funding sources for the rainwater collection and storage would be the council, which could provide a small grant and in-kind support through free features and advertising in Live Nelson and provision of venues for workshops. The scheme would target the smaller water buts that can be installed on a DIY basis and would e run on a similar basis to the composting bins – ie a $15 subsidy and bulk purchase to reduce costs. We estimate the cost of a pilot programme will be $k10 so we need to find $k2.


The high efficiency wood burners would require only a small budget for advice leaflets. Need to check that the council still employs people to monitor and control smoky chimneys. The main focus of the project will be to lobby/persuade council to extend the criteria.



Meeting arranged with deputy chair and CEO of NCC to discuss TN concepts and relevance to LTCCP on 3 Dec. We will discuss governance/leadership overview and common themes from projects. We went through the goals of the LTCCP to see where housing initiatives have most impact. These are:

Goal 1 – Water saving will reduce demand for water to irrigate gardens, will reduce impact on storm-water system and can be used as an emergency supply; Retrofitting will help reduce emissions; higher density housing will reduce use of productive land for building and will reduce traffic emissions.

Goal 2 – Increased density and more centrally located housing will create more resilient, people-friendly neighborhoods, encourage people to walk and greater use of public space and reduce car usage.

Goal 3 – Opportunities for local companies to install insulation, solar hw and pvs. Opportunities to source local building materials such as radiate pine. Better insulated homes will increase people’s disposable income. Efficient woodburners will reduce heating costs and enable people to source timber locally.

Goal 4 - Direct health gains from warmer homes


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