Education Group

  • Minutes for Education Group

    Taken on 13/9/08 at Transition Nelson Launch

    Contact person for this Group is Trevor Houghton at  

     Summary – Three key points

    1. Importance of a vision.
    2. Important to work with other groups, network and link.
    3. Transition Town rep on environmental education groups.


    - Need a major paradigm shift from consumerism to sustainability. How to inform people about what consumerism is really about? To make the paradigm shift.

    - Start with the individual feeling “solid” about themselves, then will pass on to the whole community.

    - Cooperation vs. competiveness.

    - Do we need to educate people on what the other groups are doing?

    - Networking group – liaise with all the groups

    - about educating those not involved in Transition Towns.

    - If people are aware of their oil dependency, they will want to make the changes.

    - Opportunity! – this is what Transition Towns are about

    - Individuals believing in themselves – how powerful they really are.

    - Education being the process before 2020.

    - Schools as well – the base of all – e.g. councils are supporting schools to do things         because they reach out into many areas of the community.



    Education systems that are open and responsive, inspiring, engaging and proactive in a new world of Climate Change, Peak Oil and Consumerism. Leading by example and focusing on the positive.



    To take the wonderful opportunity of change to empower individuals and the community to achieve a sustainable future through inspiring, engaging, relevant and accessible education on themes of consumerism, Climate Change and peak Oil.

    Outcome  - Action and ownership.


    Existing groups and gaps


    Enviroschools, Education for Sustainability, NZ association of Environmental Educators(NZAEE), Top of the South Environmental educators (TOTSEE) Pamphlet about everyone involved, SBN, Nelson Environment Centre, Sustainable Tourism, Sustainable Households, NCC & TDC, DOC, Home and Energy Centre, Ecofest & Waimarama Community Gardens.


    Corporate – responsibility?

    Could have a Transition Nelson “rep” on these different groups?


    Possible projects

    1. Continue to identify existing groups and resources.

    2.  Transition Town representation on all the groups.