Transport Group

The Contact person for this group is Katy Steele email

Sustainable Transport Futures (STF) was established at the end of last year and has given a verbal agreement that it is able/willing to take on the role of becoming the Transition Nelson transport group. This will be confirmed at their next meeting.

 Next meeting of “Sustainable Transport Futures”  Tuesday 18th November,7.30pm, Nelson Environment Centre, 215 Akersten St, Port Nelson.


The Nelson City Council has produced a draft Regional Land Transport Strategy that is open for submissions until Fri 14 November 2008.  We are encouraging everyone to make a personal submission. Click here to look at STF's ideas for a submission and here to make a submission online or pick up a submission form from the Council offices.

STF Minutes meeting of 22nd October 2008


Present: Katy, Zachary (later), Joanna, Richard, Phil, Peter, Christine

Apologies: Janet Whittington


1. Walk to Work Event: Mid March 09

NCC and TDC are organising this event and asked whether STF members were able to volunteer on the day. Agreed to do this. Katy will inform NCC.

Agreed to let Victoria Davis in Golden Bay know about this event too (who??)

Living Street Aotearoa & the Cycyling Advocacy Network are in the process of becoming an agency that can apply for funding from the Transport Agency which will enable community organisations like STF and local walking and cycling advocacy groups to access the funds that currently only councils can apply for.


2. Heart of the City Strategy

NCC held a meeting to discuss this strategy, which is under development, with the community. The document looks 20years ahead. Several STF members attended, and they were extremely disappointed by the "business as usual" approach. Document will be out for submissions in Nov for 6 weeks. Agreed to put in a submission so will discuss this further at the next meeting.


3. Regional Transport Committees

Christine is on the TDC one, and Katy is on the NCC one, both representing the "Environmental sustainability" objective. The TDC one met last week, and the NCC one meets 31 Oct.

The AA are representing the "Access and mobility" objective on each committee.

Katy will check whether NCC has written its Transport Asset Management Plan already.


4. Regional Land Transport Strategy

we discussed the strategy and agreed that it was critical to get as many submissions as possible in light of the "Save Rocks Road" group's views at a recent "meet the candidates" meeting. Details of what we would like to submit on have been emailed separately. One additional thought is that we should be recommending that TDC & NCC take a joint approach as clearly absurd to have 2 separate RLTSes.



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