Minutes from September 2008 meeting

Minutes of Transition Point Chevalier meeting – 17/9/08


Present – Margaret, Julie, Keren, Jenny, Ross, Viviena, Francisco, Jay, Keith, Natalie, Cecile, Finn, Ruth, Bridget, Yolanda, Niki, Deryn, Geoff , Rachel

Apologies – Walter, Heidi, Adrian, Anne, Jo, Guido, Adele


Advance agenda items – marketplace, subgroups- library/gardening, visioning

Agenda items raised at meeting – recreational cycling, communication


Marketplace –

Several people brought produce and other items to share

Several people sent round email lists for those interested to be part of cooperative buying/ordering of organic food, organic frozen chickens and chicken poo.


Subgroups -

Library group – statement of purpose read out and endorsed.

"To get books and mixed-media in the public library and have associated displays and other events that will inform and raise awareness of issues relevant to Transition Point Chevalier."


The group hopes to set up a display by the end of November including a banner and books/other media to encourage summer reading on related topics. Next meeting on Friday 26th at the library at 4pm.

Gardening group – 2nd meeting held last Sunday at Ruth’s house and garden. Had great tour of garden, discussions and swapped seeds. Seed saving was one topic raised. Next meeting on Sunday 19 October, 4pm at Anne’s place.

Recreational cycling – Sarah has organised for several people to meet next week to look at proposed site and give advice about planning.


Visioning – facilitated by Finn who acknowledged Joanna Macy

The group discussed the following questions in pairs with the invitation to listen to each other in an accepting and non-opinionated way.

“When I think about the world today I think…..”

“When I think about the world of the future I think….”

“The things that concern me most about this world….”

“Thinking about all of this, the feelings that come up for me are….”

“What inspires me most about the world…..”

In order to create a Mission or Vision the group was then invited to write ideas of VALUES and ideas of ACTIONS on two large sheets of paper, adding a tick to any they agree with.

A small group of volunteers will collate this information to present at the next meeting.



Elly Eaton is trying to set up an organic food coop, her meeting was postponed but will be rescheduled.

Ecoshow in Taupo 10-12 october. There will be workshops run by Transition towns on a range of related topics. Details on the TT’s website.

Ruth read out several requests from the ecoshow facilitators

Niki mentioned that the TT website has a tally showing the amount of money being sent through for James Samuel, the TT coordinator. Finn mentioned that James puts in 60-70 hours of work for Transition Towns per week. Transition Point Chevalier’s current contribution is $60, we are aiming for $100. If you’d like to contribute please email Niki or Ruth.


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