Waiheke Core Team

The team is a fluid group that has already gone through a number of changes since it was formed in December 2006 it has been serving to lead the Transition Waiheke intiatives, as we work towards greater local resilience. At present the core team are:

Craig Brown Ergonomics tutor with interest in eco ergonomics. On-site wastewater system designer. Business development manager of ECOplus greywater recycling systems. Originator of Water Miles concept and owner of www.watermiles.org blog. Six years on Waiheke.
Phone 09 372 9190
Email craig "at" greywater.co.nz


Gabrielle Young

Phone 372 2200


James Samuel Awareness raising, community activism, founded community garden and food exchange stall at market, host of regular documentary nights and discussions at community cinema, small business practice. 6 years on Waiheke. James also has a blog at www.#
Phone 09-372 8737, 0274 372 082
Email james.samuel "at" transitiontowns.org.nz


Rosie Walford Facilitator of groups for idea generation, problem solving, visioning and ecopsychology. Consults with campaigning organisations on effective awareness raising and motivating activism. Runs thebigstretch.com. +/-4 years here
email rosie "at" thebigstretch.com