Mission statement

Our premise are the four key assumptions of the Transition Town Movement:

(1) That life with dramatically lower energy consumption is inevitable, and that it's better to plan for it than to be taken by surprise.

(2) That our settlements and communities presently lack the resilience to enable them to weather the severe energy shocks that will accompany peak oil.

(3) That we have to act collectively, and we have to act now.

(4) That by unleashing the collective genius of those around us to creatively and proactively design our energy descent, we can build ways of living that are more connected, more enriching and that recognise the biological limits of our planet.

The future with less oil could, if enough thinking and design is applied sufficiently in advance, be preferable to the present. There is no reason why a lower-energy, more resilient future needs to have a lower quality of life than the present. Indeed, a future with a revitalised local economy would have many advantages over the present, including a happier and less stressed population, an improved environment and increased stability.

Mission Statement

Aim: Transition Town Coromandel aims to reduce its dependency on fossil fuels, carbon footprint and increase its local resilience.

We will achieve our aim by:-

  • Mobilising community action
  • Raising awareness, providing information and empowering action
  • Networking with groups and people already engaged in these issues
  • Identifying and setting up positive action projects to reduce our
    carbon footprint and dependency on fossil fuels
  • Creating a plan for the future - an Energy Descent Action Plan