Government Liason Workgroup

Transition Towns mainly focus on what we as individuals and as a community can do for ourselves. We don't wait for the government to do it for us.  However, we do advocate having a good relationship with the government - for information gathering, for letting them know what we, their constituents, are thinking and planning and doing, for promoting support for our goals, and for working it out together.

Comments, queries, and other contacts are sent to Joanna Santa Barbara: Joanna.SantaBarbara at,  03 528 0386. Change the "at" to "@" in the email address.

For information on plans and activities in Motueka, click links below.

Minutes of TTM meeting, 2008 Nov 6 - Sustainability Advisory Group being considered by Council; Strategic Manager for Long Term Plans  November 2008

Sustained Momentum Gathering Meeting - report on  meeting with Mayor September 2008

Comment on the TDC 10 Year Community Plan September 2008