Construction Clients Group meeting

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The New Zealand Construction Clients Group will come together on the 29th of October, to listen to various presentations on Transition Towns and the impacts of Peak Oil, and to watch "What a Way to Go - Life at the end of Empire". After the film I have been invited to facilitate a dialogue process, which will be both an opportunity to express something of their responses to the film and consider the impacts of what they have seen and learnt on the construction industry.

This will be an interesting challenge and one I look forward to. I imagine the dialogue will be the opportunity for the participants to learn from each other what they see as the impacts, rather than me telling them my views. I see my job in this case as being to hold the space for the depth of feelings which will arise as a result of watching this most powerful film.

If you have any thoughts and ideas about what I could bring to this group, I welcome your comments here.

Construction Clients Group meeting

Hi James,

Help them ditch the lineal systems they are in (resource to sink)  and help them embrace the regenerative and resilient nature of  the new paradigm of whole systems theory, permaculture and bioregionalism. 

Thats what I would be offering.



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haha I'm pretty sure what they're expecting is BAU but with electric cars, and you hit em with 'what a way to go'!

That's balls, right there. I look forward to hearing about how they respond.