Opotiki Coast

Opotiki Coast has the following sub groups: Food and Steering group

Wish list for Organic food co-op

Wish list for Organic Food Co-op: » Read more

7 Co-op principles

The 7 Co-op Principles, adopted by Ashland Food Co-op which were originally produced by the International Cooperative Alliance:

» Read more

Opening of Opotiki Coast Organic Food Co-op

You are invited to join an exciting new initiative.  We are pleased to announce the formation of an Organic Food Co-operative.

This new venture is about to send its first collective order to a NZ Organic food Wholesaler. » Read more

Location / Venue: 
The Blue Shed, opposite Shell, on the corner of Church and Richard St.

Food Co-op feasibility meeting minutes

Meeting 60 Wellington St Weds 30/July/08

Present: Kazna, Matt, John Shiavi, Tiaho, Kazel » Read more

Organic Food Co-op Feasibility Meeting - Opotiki Coast

There has been a great deal of support for an Organic Food Co-operative to be started here in Opotiki.  We have an option of using some space in the Ngaitai Iwi Authority Trust's 'Blue Shed' on the corner of Church and Richard St.

If you are interested in being part of or supporting the existance of an organic food co-op in Opotiki then please come to the meeting at 7pm Weds 30th July at 60 Wellington St, Opotiki.  Contact Kazel on 3155055 or 0210332428 for more details, or reply here. » Read more

TT Opotiki Coast Charitable Trust

The steering committee in Opotiki Coast has decided that being a Charitable Trust is an essential step for us in being able to secure the kind of funding
we want to get some of our 'big picture' projects started. 

This has been confirmed by other organisations we have approached, who would like to work in cooperative partnership with us.

John Norman has donated his time to us to draw up the Trust Deed, and with his permission, when that is completed the Deed will be published in our resources for anyone to view. » Read more

Opotiki Community Organic Co-op

Opotiki Community Organic Co-op Annual Membership Fee $40. 

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