Raglan Community Theatre

An opening meeting for anyone who wishes to be part of a community performance. We need actors, writers, musicians, costume & set designers and anyone else who feels they want to be a part of this project. NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY just lots of energy & commitment required.

Location / Venue: 
Old School Arts Centre

Raglan Housing Group Meeting - Minutes from 28/8/08

Present: Jon, Rozz, Ian, Seb, Paul, Vera,Brigid, John, Bettie, Lois, Anne, Bill, Carolina, Javier, Grant, Enid.

Apologies: Steve, Phil.

This meeting was designed to ascertain WHO in Raglan needs affordable housing and what that meant to them. » Read more

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Affordable Housing Meeting 14th August: Minutes

Kia ora. Below is a rough summary of the topics covered during the Affordable Housing Meeting on 14th August 2008. Some of the detail might have been lost or warped during the process so do let me know if any corrections are necessary. Feel free to ask questions or add comments. Better yet, come along to the next meeting on Wed 28th August at the Community House on Bow Street!

Present: Ian Mayes, Daniel Kereopa, Jon Berczely, Rozz Miles, Paul Peterson, Jacquie Forbes, John Lawson, Stephen Reid, Michael Roa, Enid Sincock, Grant Lowther, Jane Williams, Brigid Spiers. » Read more

Affordable Housing Meeting - If you need an affordable house, then come along. This is for YOU!!

Location / Venue: 
Community House, Bow St, Raglan
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Housing Meeting

Affordable Housing - Alternative Housing

Exploring ideas and options from TT launch.

All welcome.

Location / Venue: 
7pm Thursday 14th - Environment Centre

Raglan - TT Festival Meeting

The Heart & Soul action group are holding a meeting for the "eat so they can eat" benefit dinner. There will also be time for general discussion & planning. This will be held at Motherland HQ at 1pm on Tuesday 5th August. For more information contact: bernadettesurf@yahoo.com.

Location / Venue: 
Motherland HQ
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Surplus Fruit Share Raglan

Fruit4U, the first initiative from the Food Group of TT Whaingaroa/Raglan, collected about 120kg of citrus fruit from around Raglan in two hours on Tuesday morning. It had all been thrown to the ground by the series of storms we are experiencing and the slugs were starting show an interest! Thanks to all the Raglan residents who donated their surplus fruit. » Read more

Location / Venue: 
Old School Arts Centre Car Park

TT Raglan Building Momentum

A recap on Sundays 27/07/08 Transition Town Raglan Meeting

A well balanced group of about 70 community members attended and took part in the workshop. We started with a short but lively and inspiring discussion on Peak OIl and the origins of the Transition Towns Movement. Identifying that while the twin challenges of peak oil and climate change are perhaps the greatest challenges that humanity has faced, they are presenting us with the opportunity to design a future that is more rewarding, more abundant and more desirable than today. » Read more

Transition Town Raglan Open Meeting

Transition Town Raglan is holding its first open meeting in the Town Hall Supper Room on Sunday the 27th at 1pm. We will be presenting a short background on Peak Oil and the Grass Roots Global Movement, 'Transition Towns'  and discussing ways that we can harness this model to build local resilience in our community. It is a 100% inclusive process so all are welcome and encouraged to listen, share and take part. We will look to form a number of subgroups to take on the roll of examining our communities function and needs. » Read more

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TT Raglan Building Momentum

Last night TT Raglan presented to the local Community Board on the subjects of Peak Oil and Transition Towns. The audience included the Raglan Community Board members, Deputy Mayor of Waikato District, Principal of Raglan Area School and about 80 members of the public of all ages and walks of life. We posted an invitation to the community via the local paper and more than half of the crowd was there solely for the presentation. Community Board Members were astounded at the number of people as they filed in. » Read more

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