Tauranga Foraging Map

Tauranga Foraging Map is a google map of fruit trees, nut trees and wild edible plants in the Bay Of Plenty.

Please feel free to harvest from these trees on public land! They are there for all of us to share.

We would love to hear from you about trees in your local area to add to the list... please email to Glen with details.

... And share this with as many people as possible!

See map here!

Contact: glen@envirohub.org.nz » Read more

Tauranga Seed Exchange

The main idea behind the seed exchange is to encourage people to save their own seeds, to realize that this is the only way to independent growing.
Seeds are expensive to buy, even more so if they are organic.
It is easy to save your own seed and the longer a plant has done well in a particular local area, the better it is suited to it.
Every year before spring sowing we have a get together where everyone brings their own seeds and we exchange with others and talk about our experiences.
Everyone is welcome, even if you don't have any seeds of your own. » Read more

Health & Wellbeing Group

A Group is being formed to promote and support each other to achieve optimum health that incorporates physical, social, emotional and mental wellbeing and anything else shown to be beneficial and affordable. The group aims to promote a better understanding of health issues and practical steps on how to pursue good health through sharing information, books, websites, discussion etc.

If you are interested in joining in please make contact with Maureen.


Contact: Maureen Major

Phone: 07 5741927

Email: r.m.m@xtra.co.nz




Tauranga Monthly Film Nights

Tauranga Monthly Film Nights are run by four volunteers (Ron Lopert and Gillian Oakbrook; Maureen and Ron Major) » Read more

Community Fruit Project Tauranga

Do you have a tree bulging with fruit?!

Want to help your local community?!

The community fruit project is helping your local community by picking excess and unwanted fruit and delivering it to places like the food bank.

We are always looking for volunteer pickers and donations of fruit in the tauranga region!

If you would like more information or would like to get involved please contact us!

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Initiatives We Like

Tauranga Environment Centre - connecting people to a sustainable future

Lets Get Growing - Community Gardens Otumoetai

Tauranga Time Bank - trading services for time credits and making communities richer!

Wildandgrace - highlighting life at its most wholesome & creative whilst delivering workshops & events to encourage leading a life we choose

OOOOBY - Out Of Our Own Back Yards

Weston A Price Health » Read more


General enquires:

For general enquiries please contact the steering group via our email below.

For information on projects, please use the contact information listed in the projects section.


Email: transitiontauranga@gmail.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/TransitionTauranga


These projects have grown from the fertile soil of Transition Tauranga:

Tauranga Seed Exchange - Save seeds to increase the resilience of local crops to BOP conditions. Share seeds to help other people grow their own food.

Health & Wellbeing Group - promote and support each other to achieve optimal health through healthy eating, thinking, relationships, exercise and anything else proven to be beneficial and affordable.

Community Fruit Project Tauranga - bringing unwanted and excess fruit to charity

Tauranga Foraging Map - a map of fruit trees on public land in and around Tauranga.

Transition Welcome Bay

Resource Sharing Group - group to share and discuss resources: ideas, books, DVDs, websites, articles...


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Transition Tauranga Steering Group

Steering Group

The steering group helps to organise and promote informative speakers and networking events.

Contact: transitiontauranga@gmail.com


Current steering group members:

Kimberley Cleland

Anne Gourley

Al Gourley

Maureen Major

Ron Major

Wendy Parr

Grant Rix

Anna Larsen

Jenni Werth


We welcome members to attend our steering group meetings, usually a shared meal and great conversation. Let us know if you're interested.

Next Steering Group Meeting: yet to be announced » Read more

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