Intentional Community

Atamai Village – Are We There Yet?

Transition Towns and Atamai – Common Goal, Different Approach

The Transition Towns movement is about adapting existing communities to the impending challenges of climate change and energy descent, and the resulting economic and social disruption these challenges are already beginning to create in various parts of the world.   One of the challenges for the Transition Towns movement is whether changes to existing communities can o » Read more

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Development of Community Land Trust

Koanga Institute and others are in the process of developing a Community Land Trust as a home for the Institute, an Education Centre for wholistic living, and multiple homes for settlers.  For more information on our vision go to We are presently looking for land (including negotiating on a tender for 130 ha in the Northern Hawkes bay.  Our first hui will be in Rotorua on the 6th November. We are hoping to purchase land within the next few months and start settling early next year.  You can contact us on

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