Oil Shock Horror blog -- the story thus far

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9 months after a tentative start last September, and with 45 posts clocked up here at Oil Shock Horror Probe, I thought it was time to re-cap. What are the trends and themes that have emerged so far?

It's the economy stupid

Higher oil prices are already negatively impacting our economy » Read more

High oil prices cause "large" effect on inflation - NZ Report

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A 2005 study by New Zealand Reserve Bank economist Felix Delbruck ("Oil prices and the New Zealand economy" - Reserve Bank of New Zealand: Bulletin, Vol. 68, No. 4) has found that the inflationary effects of higher oil prices were "quite large". Specifically that :- » Read more

NZ Budget 2011 Ignores Oil Shock Impacts

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The Times [article behind a paywall] has just broken a story that the UK government has been undertaking research on the likely adverse effects on their economy of an oil price spike. The Times reports that » Read more

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