Atamai Village – Are We There Yet?

Transition Towns and Atamai – Common Goal, Different Approach

The Transition Towns movement is about adapting existing communities to the impending challenges of climate change and energy descent, and the resulting economic and social disruption these challenges are already beginning to create in various parts of the world.   One of the challenges for the Transition Towns movement is whether changes to existing communities can o » Read more

Earthbag Building in Raglan

getting there

We have bee working in the last 3 weeks to create a beautiful earth dome at Solscpae in Raglan. We have been held up by lots of rain. This kind of building is great as it is not expensive but it is durable and can be built by any group of people who take the time and care to work together.


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News_Eco-warrior evicted from cave dwelling without fire exit

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Visual of a housing crash

Key to the map below:
So pretty much every marker on the map below is some sort of distress sale: owned by the banks or about to be unless the owner can get rid of them NOW. And no one does an auction unless they must sell by a certain date...

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Garbage Warrior Film

If you havent watched this film, here is a short preview...



This has been typed up in a hurry by James Samuel, as we sit here in Wanganui having conversations about how we help people meet this essential need for shelter. This blog entry will be edited in due course by Eddie. It is a beginning to ensure that connections are made and information exchanged across this network.... » Read more

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