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Rally 4 Sanity

Kim spotted it this morning, and before the day was out the first videos were up on YouTube. John Stewart had this (and more) to say... » Read more

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AIG bonus bemusement

I'm a bit confused by all the loud noises and expressions of outrage being made by AIG giving it's workers bonuses. » Read more

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Handing out food & supplies in a tent city

Near Sacramento in California there's a large tent city of about 1,200 people. » Read more

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Social collapse best practices

This talk is a but US-centric and assumes a worst-case scenario, but I found it interesting anyway.

The following talk was given on February 13, 2009, at Cowell Theatre in Fort Mason Center, San Francisco, to an audience of 550 people. Audio and video of the talk will be available on the Long Now Foundation web site. » Read more

Transition US on CBS

It's a short video clip (2.5 mins), but shows how much Transition is gaining ground...

Kennedy on an Energy Revolution

Greenpeace put this video on their site recently.
Here is the transcript: » Read more

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US in a mess. Setting the oil Price.

From Dan Denning in Colorado:

--While the financial empire burns, OPEC decides whether or not it's going to cut production today. Lower energy prices are about the only good news to come out of falling commodity and stock prices. But OPEC producers like Venezuela and Iran want the world's big oil cartel to cut production and put a floor under prices. » Read more

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I am not 100% sure what these graphs mean but it does not look good

Now. In the chart above, I think it means the banks have been borrowing like crazy from the "big bank that is supposed to save everyone if they run out of money"...

.... and that all banks are about $125 billion overdrawn. » Read more

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Industrial agriculture in action

In the USA, it's cheaper to grow corn and feed it to cattle than to use that land to just directly graze cattle on. But where are you going to put the cattle while being fed?? Why, jam them into a pen! They call em 'feedlots'

In the feedlot the cattle eat corn mixed with hormones, antibiotics, etc etc so that they get larger quicker. This improves the company's bottom line.

It's not a pretty scene. Here is one from above (click to go to google maps and zoom in, etc) » Read more

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