A one acre food forest in Waihi

I got alerted to this project by Carl Pickens, while in the final weeks leading up New Zealand's first Food Forest Hui (Sep 26-28). More information on the Hui.

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Crash Course event


About 25 people came out to see the first of a three part Crash Course by Chris Martenson. » Read more

Chance to screen some films to raise awareness and $$ for your TT group Options

Hi All

If you are wanting to run an awareness raising event and make a few $$
for your local TT group you could try putting a screening on of the
REEL Earth Environmental Film Festival which is organised by a
community group down in Palmerston North.

Here is a listof films relevant to the TT Kaupapa.....but there are
many more » Read more

Add a link that shows your group's events

If you go to the Waiheke page you will see a link to the Transition Waiheke Events Calender. This was simply done, and can make for a functional and easy way to see what's going on in your local group. » Read more

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