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TT Bay of Islands - Launch of Community Exchange & website!

Mission Statement
To facilitate the exchange of local goods and services among the Bay of
Islands communities using a complementary mutual credit currency, the BOIDOL

FREE Membership for the first 100 people

Join now:
• help strengthen our local community
• discover a new way of trading
• take a fresh look at how money is meant to work
• learn who does what in your community
• start trading immediately
• interest-free, healthy money creates a healthy society

For a wealth of information or to join on-line go to: » Read more

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Book review: Healthy money, healthy planet

The first 1/4 of this book spends some time explaining how our current money system works and spelling out some of the implications: eternal debt, pressure to exploit more and more natural resources and concentration of wealth and power. » Read more

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Book Specials!

Recommended books:
Understanding and creating alternatives to legal tender
by Thomas H Greco Jnr

'Interest and Inflation-free Money';
Creating an exchange medium that works for everybody and protects the earth
by Margrit Kennedy

'Healthy Money, Healthy Planet'; » Read more

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