A community development model

Why do so many good ideas for building community resilience fail to get off the ground?

Can we turn that around?

When I first came across Richard Moore's line of reasoning, it struck a chord with me. After introducing and honouring the work of Transition Towns, Local currency initiatives, and the Wise Democracy movement, he points out the obvious Catch-22. » Read more

The New Economy Starts Here

For truly smart money see – a real life example extracted from Yes! magazine. The latest issue includes 35 pages titled 'The New Economy Starts Here - why this crisis may be our best chance'. It includes articles by David Korten, Vandana Shiva, Wendell Berry, James Robertson,..... covering local currency, co-ops, community banks, local investment ..... » Read more


Wow, I just discovered a whole other world! Setting up my Twitter account has led me to find these things tonight just by putting in a couple of different searches first for transition towns, and then for local currency.


East Anglia meeting

» Read more

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Book review: Healthy money, healthy planet

The first 1/4 of this book spends some time explaining how our current money system works and spelling out some of the implications: eternal debt, pressure to exploit more and more natural resources and concentration of wealth and power. » Read more

What does YOUR life look like?

I talked with Sion this morning for 45 mins. We spoke via our computers using skype - which even allowed us to talk while seeing each other via small but functional web cameras. while sitting on opposite sides of the world.

Sion was wanting to ask about the community garden project he had visited while on Waiheke a few months ago. Sion was bringing his refined and accurate recording skills and would attend all the meetings of the various food groups on Waiheke, then produce amazing records of our conversation like this one from the Food Hui we had at Piritahi Marae which has since spawned a local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) Group.

It was hard for him to get his questions in until he told me his laptop battery was getting very low. As he sat in an echo-filled rock-walled library building in an Edinburgh University, I kept quizzing him about his circumstance there in Edinburgh, and asking for pictures of where he lived (the other day he’d mentioned cleaning up dog poo in the downstairs of his tenement building in an email)... » Read more

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Book Specials!

Recommended books:
Understanding and creating alternatives to legal tender
by Thomas H Greco Jnr

'Interest and Inflation-free Money';
Creating an exchange medium that works for everybody and protects the earth
by Margrit Kennedy

'Healthy Money, Healthy Planet'; » Read more

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