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Huge blowout in NZ oil import cost

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Oil Price Response Plan For New Zealand Ignored

Prime Minister John Key's only response to rapidly rising oil prices has been to say "the government is powerless - there is nothing we can do". Not so. » Read more

NZ's oil policy based on flawed forecasts

Independent oil experts have been saying for many years that the New Zealand government's almost religious reliance on forecasts of the International Energy Agency (IEA) is a big mistake because they have been consistently and grossly over optimistic. The result has been a decade of lost opportunities to prepare for the looming oil shocks and shortages. » Read more

NZ Draft Energy Strategy - a charade

I read the governments Draft Energy Strategy  and discovered that apart from a bland statement that oil prices will rise and be volatile, it fails to identify the risks to New Zealand's energy security. There is no discussion in the DES about the threats to New Zealand of oil scarcity arising from global oil depletion and no analysis of the potentially devastating impacts on the New Zealand economy from scarcity and/or higher oil prices. Nor does it discuss how soon these threats might arise. For example could they occur within one year, five years, 10 years, or longer? » Read more

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Over a barrel - a new vision needed


This is the text of the feature article I had published in the Dominion Post on Monday. Feel free to quote or distribute it as needed.



Tim Jones

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