Is a winter of discontent on the way?

This is an important article.  If you substituted the word "collapse" for "crisis" you could say this is pretty much what Mike Ruppert and others in the Lifeboat movement have been saying since at least April.  For comparison it might be worthwhile revisiting Ruppert's video made back in April.  He was condemned for this by many but in many respect accurately predicted what is indeed coming to past (better than some I could mention anyhow) » Read more

MIchael Ruppert in Portland, Oregon

Recently Mike Ruppert gave a major speech in Portland Oregon, on the 10th anniversary of 9/11.

In it he talks about the spiritual underpinnings of his Gaian viewpoint and advocates forgiveness of debt as a first step in the healing of the planet.

The speech is available here:

Questions and answers are here:

Who Killed Growth?

This latest video produced by Richard Heinberg and the Post-carbon Institute explains succinctly why economic growth is dead and why we are in the predicament we are in at the moment - the debt ceiling crisis and credit downgrade of the United States by Standard and Poors as well as a sovereign debt crisis in Europe that is now affecting larger countries like Spain and Italy. Most of the commentary in our media completely misses the point. » Read more

'A Perfect Storm'?

There has been some debate in recent days between those of us that are trying to alert people to economic and social collapse (that is already in train).

For those who doubt and still willing to look at the evidence I would recommend the following areas:

1. US ‘debt ceiling” crisis
Talks between Obama and the Republicans have broken down acrimonniously; this means that some time between 2 and 10 August the USA will default on its 14 trillion dollar debt and will no longer be able to pay out pensions etc, the Chinese will be left holding dollars they don’t want etc. » Read more

‘We May Have to Adapt Very Quickly': Reflections on Transition Towns and Collapse

In recent weeks and months I have had to re-evaluate things.

I have had to re-evaluate the way in which I live my life and how I use my energy; - what is most important for me.

I have also had to re-evaluate my ideas, which may be characterised as liberal and left-wing.

I have had to recognise that most of these ideas that I have cherished throughout my life have become rendered as redundant as capitalism. » Read more

Sailing craft for a post-collapse world

Here is an excellent article by Dmitry Orlov on the possibilities of sea transport in a post-Collapse world.

Michael C Ruppert interviewed on National radio

Chris Laidlaw has recorded an interview with MIchael C Ruppert on the Sunday programme.

This interview is being broadcast on National radio (101 FM) on Sunday, 22 May after the 10.00 news.

If you miss the interview it will be available as a podcast on » Read more

NZ Defence Report Ignores Peak Oil. US/German Military Warn It's A Grave Risk

The just released Defence White Paper on New Zealand's strategic and security interests to 2025, as Gordon Campbell points out, is long on rhetoric, and short on coherence and detail.  But worse still it fails to even mention a very serious and imminent threat to our security which both the US and German military have warned about - namely the peaking of global oil production leading to dwindling world oil supplies. » Read more

Mining group believes in tooth fairy -- "New Zealand cushioned against oil shocks"

Straterra, a body representing mining companies has said, "New Zealand is in an excellent position to withstand any future oil shocks, thanks in particular t » Read more

"Peak hype" on New Zealand's offshore oil reserves

There was much hype and hoopla at the recent New Zealand Petroleum Conference about the extent of New Zealand's potential oil and gas reserves. Chris Uruski, a GNS scientist told Chris Laidlaw on Radio NZ's Sunday that we potentially have 20 billion barrels of oil equivalent in New Zealand's offshore exclusive economic zone. » Read more

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