Alcohol as a fuel + Hydrogen booster for petrol engine

This is a short 2 min video taken at yesterdays demonstration of how to distill, and then run an engine on, alcohol. The next one (below) shows Gian describing a simple hydrogen/oxygen splitter he uses in an older Suzuki 4X4, which runs on a combination of petrol, hydrogen and oxygen. » Read more

Amphora Distill Alcohol for liquid fuel production - Auckland
Watch the video or visit the site:

These backyard Kiwi blokes are producing volumes of 96% alcohol with some very nice equipment.

Thanks Don for the link!

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New Zealand Distillation equipment

Amphora Society make this video available on their site. This is an Auckland engineer who saw it coming and went to work. I can't seem to get it to embed into this post, but maybe Rimu can help with that.

From the site:

The Amphora Society is designing a fuel ethanol still capable of producing 40-50 gallons of fuel ethanol a day. Fed with regular fermented wash the first prototype, shown here, delivered 95% abv fuel fuel ethanol in a steady stream, stopping during tests only when we ran out of fermented wash to feed it! » Read more

Alcohol can be a gas! David Blume

Richard Lee put me onto this, and it looks like the author, Ethanol expert David Blume may be at the Eco Show in Taupo in October.

He hits the high points of why alcohol fuel is the smart, sustainable alternative energy solution, in this mind-opening 5-minute version of a longer interview.

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