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Waiheke Waste and Recycle - a fight we should not loose!

When it comes to the topic of the environment, sustainability and “green” issues in general, for many the most palpable connection to all this will be the green recycle bin at the back door. That’s where personal “environmentally friendly practices” began some twenty or so years ago. Now we are all seemingly used to the fact that some items in our waste have a value and can and should be put to some form of further use rather than ending up in landfills. » Read more

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Something Wonderful Just Happened in Somerset

Taken from transitionculture

Last week, Somerset County Council voted unanimously to endorse a motion that they become the UK’s first ‘Transition Local Authority’. What is means is that SCC could start taking an integrated approach to its planning processes, putting peak oil and climate change at the heart of its forward planning. It may well also unlock funds for the many Transition initiatives emerging across Somerset. The proposal put before the Council ran as follows; » Read more

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