The tipping points of James Hansen, climate scientist

The tipping points of James Hansen, climate scientist


Jonathan Oosterman

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350's 10/10/10 Global Climate Working Bee - time to get involved

350.org 2010 Presentation

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10/10/10 Global climate working bee in Mt Eden Village, Auckland

Scientists say that 350 parts per million CO2 in the atmosphere is the safe upper limit for humanity, we are now at 392 and heating up!! 10/10/10 is a global event when communities around the world come together to take action on climate change (for more info check www.350.org)

Our response to climate change is to ‘think global, act local’
On the 10/10/10 we get together to work towards a sustainable future in Mt Eden by starting a community garden and reusing food waste from our local shops to build compost. » Read more

Kiwis for 350 petition - more than 3,000 signatures in just on 3 weeks

The ‘Kiwis for 350’ petition has 3,100 signatures - and I expect more over the weekend! If you have any lurking, get them to Caritas in Wellington by Monday morning!

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Update on 'Kiwis for 350' petition

Hi all

We now have about 1,000 signed hard copies of the petition from Dunedin area alone, and Nick Smith still may receive it - if not, we have other MPs who will.

This petition is all about setting a meaningful goal, and then working together to reach it. So it's about setting the direction and the principles (using science and partnership), not the actual methods which will be many, varied and highly creative! » Read more

Kia ora 350 Aotearoa!

There was a fantastic turnout in Wellington last night for the first session of the government’s consultation meetings on greenhouse gas emissions, with close to 400 people gathering to express their views and concerns to Climate Change Minister Nick Smith.

The audience was diverse and broad reaching, encompassing a wide range of people of different ages and backgrounds, from business leaders to young mothers to leading representatives from Oxfam and Greenpeace, to high school students, farmers, youth leaders and activists. One by one the people lined up, and one by one their messages aligned - a unanimous call for a committed reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 40% by 2020. The voices were varied but the message the same - that now is the time for New Zealand to act as an example to the rest of the world, to be bold and decisive, and to step up to the most serious and pressing issue of our times.

Several people from 350 took to the microphone to express their views, inviting the Minister to engage with us and take a bold stand at Copenhagen. One 350 member laid down the challenge through a rousing haka that was met with a storm of approval by the crowd. Another reminded the Minister that many of the audience were people who would not have voted for National in the last elections, but were still present at the consultation to offer their encouragement and support. Another called on the government to act on the science, but lead from the heart, to embody a spirit of leadership that reflects the impassioned hopes of a generation who will have to live on with the decisions our governments make.

To see some of our 350 Wellington crew in action at last night's meeting: click here!


The haka is at the end of this video - watch and be inspired! » Read more

350 Aotearoa Bill McKibben Tour 2009

A week-and-a-bit of events for everyone in New Zealand concerned about climate change and wanting to do something about it to make our concern heard...!

Straight from the coal-face of international climate activism and negotiations, Professor Bill McKibben (author, educator, environmentalist) is visiting New Zealand on a whirlwind tour. » Read more

Organic Food and Local Produce Market

Growing conventional crops in the same place year after year has been described as mining the soil for minerals.  Layers of topsoil blow away each year after tilling and are never replaced, leading eventually to dust-bowls where only gorse can make a living. » Read more

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