Threat to rights to trade food and seeds in New Zealand

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Question to the minister of Finance: "What steps, if any, is he taking to reduce New Zealand’s economic vulnerability that stems from dependence on oil?"

Incase you needed proof that National doesn't get it, can't get it and will never get it. Attached is the research article from NZTA that Gareth Hughes cites. It's not bad.

Job of the century? Auckland Campaign Manager for the Green Party - 2011 General Election

Auckland Campaign Manager for the 2011 General Election

Be involved in creating a fantastic election result for the Green Party in 2011

If you have proven abilities in team building, volunteer management, managing advertising and production contracts, building successful online networks, fundraising, events organising… then you may be just what the Green Party needs. » Read more

If all politicians could answer questions like this...

Here's a response by a politician in the UK to a question about the local sustainability initiative. What will it take for all Transition initiatives to get to this point, where the awareness, and appreciation for the Transition work is so widespread and valued?

4. Thame is trying to 'go green' with several groups springing up, ie Greening Thame and Transitions Towns; What will you do to ensure that Thame and other market towns can move towards becoming a sustainable community? » Read more

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Globalization - dead already?

The cost of shipping a 40-foot container from Shanghai to the United States has risen to $8,000, compared with $3,000 early in the decade.

CIBC World Markets calculates that the recent surge in shipping costs is on average the equivalent of a 9 percent tariff on trade. “The cost of moving goods, not the cost of tariffs, is the largest barrier to global trade today,” the report concluded, and as a result "has effectively offset all the trade liberalization efforts of the last three decades." » Read more

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