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High oil prices cause "large" effect on inflation - NZ Report

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A 2005 study by New Zealand Reserve Bank economist Felix Delbruck ("Oil prices and the New Zealand economy" - Reserve Bank of New Zealand: Bulletin, Vol. 68, No. 4) has found that the inflationary effects of higher oil prices were "quite large". Specifically that :- » Read more

Ideology Trumps Common Sense

It's said a picture is worth a thousand words. Take a look at these graphs and see if you can make any sense of the government's response to oil prices rising and it's transport policy. Damned if I can. (hat tip to Auckland Transport blog and frog blog)

Traffic volumes on State Highways have not increased since 2005. » Read more

Petrol prices are due to peak oil not profits

7 August 2008

Petrol prices are due to peak oil not profits

The problem with petrol pricing is the end of cheap oil, Commerce Minister Lianne Dalziel confirmed today. » Read more

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