Ed Miliband (UK Energy Minister) talks up Transition Towns

It's just 1 minute long, but indicative of how far Transition Towns have come. » Read more

Peak Oil Taskforce (UK)

Peak Oil Task Force (UK)

On 29th October 2008 at The London Stock Exchange, eight leading UK companies launched a report, The Oil Crunch: Securing the UK’s energy future, warning that a peak in cheap, easily available oil production is likely to hit by 2013, posing a grave risk to the UK and world economy. The warning comes from a broad spectrum of industry (Arup, FirstGroup, Foster + Partners, Scottish and Southern Energy, Solarcentury, Stagecoach Group, Virgin Group, Yahoo), known as The Peak Oil Group. » Read more

Awaawaroa Eco Village

A video in two parts, about the Awaawaroa Eco Village on Waiheke, by Scott Ewing. It speaks for itself...

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Kennedy on an Energy Revolution

Greenpeace put this video on their site recently.
Here is the transcript: » Read more

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UK energy usage

Click on the image for a more detailed and readable PDF version!

This chart shows energy sources as coming in from the left, energy uses as leaving on the right, and energy losses/exports as falling out the bottom.

Aside from the obvious huge gas and oil inputs, some other points of interest (warning, back-of-the-napkin quality calculations ahead!): » Read more

Alcohol - It's a Gas!

Richard Lee is came from Warkworth to meet with some interested parties on Waiheke (including an Auck Univ Engineer) to share the ideas he has about locally grown biomass as a source of alcohol, that could be used as a fuel.

Richard presented ideas gleaned from his study and research into community scale energy production and in particular the book by David Blume - who will be speaking at the Eco Sho in Taupo this October. » Read more

Pilot feasibility fund for distributed generation - Now Open!

Pilot feasibility fund for distributed generation - Now Open!

Funding assistance is available to help facilitate the uptake of distributed generation projects in New Zealand, through a new EECA funding initiative.

The Feasibility Fund for Distributed Generation will assist potential distributed generation project developers undertake feasibility studies to determine the viability of proposed projects. » Read more

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