Making better decisions - or making decisions better - with Loomio

For the last four months a team of volunteers has been working on a piece of free software called Loomio, which I think has huge potential to help grassroots groups increase their positive impact in the community.

Loomio is a free open-source web application that helps groups make better decisions together, and remarkably there is nothing else like it. The team is operating on a not-for-profit and open-source basis, and the aim over the coming two months is to get the software to the stage where it can be given away to non-profit groups, with support for how to use it.

If they can get a little bit of support, to put some food on the tables of the programmers, they'll be able to provide this free tool to groups like Transition Towns. They're now in the last few days of a PledgeMe* campaign, to raise enough money to allow two core volunteers to devote all of their time to this project for the next two months.

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A growing list of growing ideas

I came across this site about a week ago, when researching for The Auckland Food Alliance.

This is a website devoted to collaboration to solve challenges, and has been designed very cleverly to maximise the interaction and sharing, as well as the ability to build on others ideas, and eventually rank them so that the best float to the top, through the wisdom of the crowd.

And here's a link to a growing list (431 at last count) of food related projects.actions to build the connection between growers and consumers. I've added a couple of them:

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Institutions vs the Collaborative approach

I found this to be a confirmation of a non-institutional approach to organising, and perhaps helps explain why the Transition Town community has created so much without having to resort to an institutional framework. » Read more

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