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The Guyton’s Food Forest (Riverton – NZ)

I picked up the phone last Sunday evening and had a most invigorating conversation with Robyn Guyton. After introducing myself, I asked her a couple of questions about the project she and Robert have been working on for over 15 years.

While humble and soft spoken, she was so forthcoming about the different aspects of their work, that I am sure I missed a few things, as I scribbled furiously, so it's just as well there have been a few articles about them that I can refer you to:

Letters from New Zealand - on the Permaculture Research Institute website

Food forest puts Riverton couple on the map - Southland Times

Food Forest NZ - on Ooooby And this wonderful recent video features Robert walking through and explaining different aspects of the forest.

But there was so much more I wanted to know. I am of the opinion that growing food using the diverse range of perennial plants we have available to us offers solutions to many of today's challenges.

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Fracking Benefits Overblown?

Why is it that oil and gas companies such as TAG Oil and Apache are so aggressively pursuing exploration of gas fields in New Zealand when US gas prices are at a 10 year record low of US$2.176 per mBtu?  In January both Chesapeake Energy and ConocoPhillips announced plans to reduce gas natural gas output and shift towards more oil drilling. » Read more

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Designers for a resilient future converge on Turangi..

The 11th Australasian Permaculture Convergence, April 11 – 15th, will see more than 500 people involved in planning, designing and creating a resilient future. With peak oil, climate change and an unsustainable monetary system impacting us from all directions this event comes at a time when we need it most. » Read more

Threat to rights to trade food and seeds in New Zealand

From my blosite -


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IMF Warns of Oil Scarcity and the End of Growth

Re-posted from my blog - oilshockhorrorprobe

What is going on? The International Monetary Fund -- a body that states its mission is to "foster global growth and economic stability" has produced a major report which concludes the world has entered an era of oil scarcity, and openly discusses a peak oil scenario in which global GDP doesn't grow, but declines steeply ! » Read more

"Peak hype" on New Zealand's offshore oil reserves

There was much hype and hoopla at the recent New Zealand Petroleum Conference about the extent of New Zealand's potential oil and gas reserves. Chris Uruski, a GNS scientist told Chris Laidlaw on Radio NZ's Sunday that we potentially have 20 billion barrels of oil equivalent in New Zealand's offshore exclusive economic zone. » Read more

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NZ parliament report on Peak Oil just released

This is a pleasent surprise: someone at parliament (other than the Greens) 'gets it' about peak oil.

Parliament has just released a report that concludes, among other things: » Read more

Petrobas drilling for Oil off New Zealand coast

This is a must read for those concerned about New Zealands clean gren image or the environment.

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