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Richard Heinberg Auckland Presentation on YouTube

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Richard Heinberg's Auckland presentation from 30th Sept 2012 has been edited by Deep Green Productions and is on Youtube to watch.  Please pass the link on for others that may be interested. » Read more

Who Killed Growth?

This latest video produced by Richard Heinberg and the Post-carbon Institute explains succinctly why economic growth is dead and why we are in the predicament we are in at the moment - the debt ceiling crisis and credit downgrade of the United States by Standard and Poors as well as a sovereign debt crisis in Europe that is now affecting larger countries like Spain and Italy. Most of the commentary in our media completely misses the point. » Read more

Next oil-induced recession - are we there yet?

Research in the US confirms that there is a strong correlation between high oil prices and recessions. Recessions emerge when oil prices reach around $US85 a barrel (currently $US115 a barrel) or when the aggregate cost of oil for the nation equals 5.5% of GDP.

Price Tipping Point » Read more

oil prices rising rapidly before the unrest in Middle east

Here is the best analysis I have found about what’s been happening on the global oil scene. It also confirms that peak oil pundits like Canadian economist Jeff Rubin, and Richard Heinberg and dozens of others, have been uncannily accurate. This is a précis of Jeff Rubin’s recent article. » Read more

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Richard Heinberg on the Deepwater Horizon "spill" (it's more like a flood...)

Check out this link for some more background on the Gulf oil desaster... The Comments are worth reading, too: 


And for those who feel so inclined, Michael C. Rupperst is live now.

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The latest from Richard Heinburg - "Searching for a miracle"

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"The fundamental disturbing conclusion of the report is that there is little likelihood that either conventional fossil fuels or alternative energy sources can reliably be counted on to provide the amount and quality of energy that will be needed to sustain economic growth—or even current levels of economic activity—during the remainder of the current century. This preliminary conclusion in turn suggests that a sensible transition energy plan will have to emphasize energy conservation above all. It also raises questions about the sustainability of growth per se, both in terms of human population numbers and economic activity." » Read more

Where it all began

In 2001 Rob Hopkins began teaching a Practical Sustainablity course in Ireland, based on the principles of Permaculture.   More than just an organic gardening technique, it encompasses a whole way of thinking about the world and how we use it.  The foundations are Earth care, people care, an » Read more

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