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Old Homestead Community Garden Compost Update

Saturday's turnout at the garden was the best in a long while, and we achieved heaps. (2 in fact.) Nine adults plus children and a mulcher meant we now have a new compost pile, and the best of the compost from the "old" heap has been turned, covered, and is just maturing to perfection over the next few weeks. » Read more

New Community Composting Facility

The Wilton Street Community Garden (part of Grey Lynn 2030)  recently completed construction of our new Community Composting Facility. Located in the garden at the top of Wilton Street, the facility consists of three large wooden bins designed to turn local organic waste into usable garden compost. » Read more

A Green Light For Guerilla Gardeners

By Sue Jackson

2 Nov 2009


Guerrilla gardens might not have 'owners' but they sure have defenders, as Yarra Council discovered when it tried to wipe the gardens out. Sue Jackson tells the story » Read more

Urban Food Production at the Expo

It was the Transition Towns presentation on Urban Food Production today at the cathedral. There were three speakers on the subject, all taking different approaches to the problem of what to do about food in the city. » Read more

Food for Everyone

Yes! magazine active graphic

In the last 12 months attention to localising food has increased so dramatically that it gives me faith we can create new systems to provide for the well being of many people while regenerating the earth after the last 200 years of exponential growth in consumption and extraction. To find out more, follow any of the tags at the top of this post, or click on the graphic above. » Read more

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The start of spring

Spent sunday afternoon digging around in the local community garden. Plenty of weeds to pull and compost to prepare!

It was a beautiful day (for a change), and I'm really looking forward to a good 8 months or so of growing things coming up :-)

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