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Farmers hold the solution in the soil.

Tim Flannery to be guest speaker at Soil Carbon Conference, Te Papa, Wellington - Farmers have the solution in their soils to solve carbon emission issues Eminent scientist and conservationist Professor Tim Flannery, Australian of the Year (2007) and author of best selling book The Weather Makers, will be the keynote speaker at the second annual Soil Carbon Conference at Te Papa, Wellington on 15-17 September. Flannery is well known as a champion of biological soil management as a means of successfully sequestering carbon. » Read more

Climate Camp Aotearoa sets 'climate targets' on real causes of climate change


Day 5 - Wellington

The wind was still howling on Wednesday morning and yet recycling contributions were being offered all over the neighbourhood, to be flung in all directions - what strange creatures of habit we are, trying to do the 'right thing' but being somewhat blind to the forces of nature. Daryl took the opportunity to re-fix the third blade of his washing machine generator, and see how it performed. » Read more

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The start of spring

Spent sunday afternoon digging around in the local community garden. Plenty of weeds to pull and compost to prepare!

It was a beautiful day (for a change), and I'm really looking forward to a good 8 months or so of growing things coming up :-)

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