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Scaling up Transition - Accelerate Aotearoa anyone?

I innocently pressed play on this video on Tuesday night and did not expect what followed. This 30 minute video is in Rob's words "his favourite talk" from the recent trip he did to the US, after breaking his vow not to travel by plane.

This is by far the most impactful, energising, inspiring video I've seen in some time. It's meaningful, thoughtful, humorous, delightful and real.

Here's the link to the thoughtful article which summarises the ideas.

Rob is suggesting five factors to help the Transition movement scale up in a way that's proportionate to the challenges of our time. They are:


  1. Create a learning network
  2. Support and resource core groups
  3. Bring forward investment for Transition enterprises
  4. Become better storytellers
  5. Build an evidence base
He explains these beautifully in his article.
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Will New Zealand be the first developed country to evolve a steady-state economy?

Absolutely great article about the possibilities for New Zealand.

As long as we can get the New Zealand politicians to read and understand these concepts.

In Transition 2.0 - Trailer

If this trailer is indicative of the film, it looks to be an inspiring one!

What a delight to see so many images from Lyttelton woven through it.

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‘We May Have to Adapt Very Quickly': Reflections on Transition Towns and Collapse

In recent weeks and months I have had to re-evaluate things.

I have had to re-evaluate the way in which I live my life and how I use my energy; - what is most important for me.

I have also had to re-evaluate my ideas, which may be characterised as liberal and left-wing.

I have had to recognise that most of these ideas that I have cherished throughout my life have become rendered as redundant as capitalism. » Read more

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Taranaki Daily News - Making a Post Oil Transition

Taranaki Daily News article on Transition Towns

Good effort by David Turner

Transition town advocate David Turner says that future is close and plans need to be put in place now. The Okato-based Brit says that when he was growing up in Britain in the 1980s, he heard of an oil crisis and how it would affect "our children".

"We are the children they were talking about, and we will be around to see this - we will be here in 20 years," the 45-year-old says.

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Community Supported Agriculture

Transition Forest Row recently produced an excellent 20 minute film called ‘Growing food locally’ which looked at local food initiatives in the area.  It focuses on the impact of rising oil prices on food, the community supported agriculture model, allotments, garden share, schools and veg boxes.

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Steering group meeting - Weds 9 June 2010 - MINUTES AND ACTION POINTS

STEERING Group Meeting

Date of meeting:  Weds 9 June 2010   Location: Penthouse  Time: 6-7.30pm

Individuals present: Hina Alvi, Kelda Hains,  Spencer Crocker, Conner,

Apologies from:  Belinda Sharp, Marc Slade, Cheyenne Miller

Chair/Minute Taker: Hina Alvi

AGENDA (Refer to previous meeting's minutes and/or fill in at beginning of meeting):


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Steering Group Meeting Weds 12 May - Minutes

STEERING Group Meeting
Date of meeting:  Weds 12 May 2010   Location: Penthouse  Time: 6-7pm

Individuals present: Hina Alvi, Belinda Sharp, Kelda Haines, Cheyenne Miller (new member of steering group)

Apologies from:  Louise Hoather (Stepped down from steering group)

Chair/Minute Taker: Hina Alvi

AGENDA (Refer to previous meeting's minutes and/or fill in at beginning of meeting):


Steering Group meeting minutes February and March 2010

Transition Town Brooklyn

Steering Committee

Minutes - Weds 10th Febuary 2010

Belinda, Spence, Rob, Mike R, Hina


Timetable for meetings:

Feb                  Waste Group

March              Food Group    (Mel coord) Gathering our seeds

April                Make your own cleaning products      28th + cover charge Amy B

May                 Waste Group

June                 Food Group

July                  Film night

August                        Waste Group

September       Food Group » Read more

Rob Hopkins on Transition Towns at TED

Over the last few days I have been posting a number of videos on the subject of money. The financial implosion is almost certainly directly related to the state of our global energy reserves. Since Transition Towns look the energy issue and its related Climate issue squarely in the eye, I thought it was time to hear from Rob Hopkins about how people in communities all over the world are responding, to these very real challenges of the day.

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