2012 Great Waiheke plum Drive

A great time was had by all.

More photos here.

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Looking at the challenges, square in the eye

My heart sang last night, to see members of my community look at the challenges of the future, square in the eye, and then with energy and creativity name some creative, and do-able solutions. Here's a six minute video I put together summarizing the evenings activities. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I2WZHlCWQxY

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Crash Course event


About 25 people came out to see the first of a three part Crash Course by Chris Martenson. www.chrismartenson.com » Read more

Waiheke Buyers Club & CSA

The crowd is building, down at the buyers club, which has only been open for three weeks now. A simple concept...  get a group of people together, who know each other, and begin buying (in this case organic foods in the form of dry goods and produce), have some people run it like an enterprise (ie markup prices to cover costs), and have people come and buy at set times.

It's working well, and has already become part of our Saturday routine. It's open from 10am-noon Saturday and Wednesday. » Read more

Waiheke Heartbeat - A community conversation

Many important ideas and feelings were expressed into the circle on Tuesday night, respectfully. As people left the hall to return to their homes and whanau, I sensed a mood of possibility.

Finn MacKesy had come over from the city to facilitate the evening's dialogue, which began with a round of introductions and a quick presentation of global challenges as Finn and I have, along with many others, perceived them. You can view the slides and explanatory notes below.

The three key intentions Finn and I held for this gathering:

  • To create a circumstance to support people having the conversations that they want to have with depth of honesty - the conversations were people-led and everyone had ample opportunity to express their views, thoughts and feelings.
  • To model and showcase effective tools and processes that support and empower community dialogue - we had a plan to showcase the dialogue process called "Open Space" but the "dialogue Circle" was working and there didn't seem any reason to change that. Next time, we will try another form of dialogue.
  • To harvest something that can be shared with the wider community - this article is the harvesting from the event.

To read the rest of this story and view the presentation, please jump over to my blog (I wasn't able to embed the presentation here)

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The Great Waiheke Plum Drive story with video and pics

By 9:45am the first pots were boiling on the stove and gas rings that had been setup in the community hall, water was boiling in the cauldren and the jars were being sterilised, and the fruit washers and cutters were already getting ahead of us.

The Big In Tent for sustainability

2 days of film and ideas to challenge and expand our worldview. There were several live video feeds bringing people in from all over the planet. We connected with people like Rob Hopkins of Transition Network in the UK, Andy Bichlbaum, half of the famous "Yes Men" duo, Mike Fincken, the skipper of the Rainbow Warrior - who were in the Thames River at the time, and others.

Some local personalities and some imports from Auckland made for a lineup of presentations that covered wide ranging topics, to compliment the diverse offering of (mostly) documentary film.

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Two days ago I was speaking with a group of people on a Permaculture design course in Chile. Grifen Hope, an inspiring and energetic young man I met briefly at a LETS conference in 2006, has been in Chile for a couple of years now. He has been making good use of technology recently, and setting up Skype video calls for his design students.

When Grifen wrote and told me his students had been speaking with David Holmgren and Geoff Lawton (two people in the Permaculture world that I have huge respect for), I felt honoured that he was inviting me to follow in their footsteps. For an hour I fielded questions about Transition Towns and how it is growing in New Zealand, in which my video image from their side was a dark screen with a single bright spot from a naked lightbulb.

At the end, by way of hosting them in my place, I took the laptop out into the garden and onto the deck of the house we have been living in for the last few months.This was the view which greeted them, and I suspect from Grifen's comments part of what made him a little homesick.

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12 Steps to creating a Waiheke CSA

Transition Towns has a 12 step framework, which I have adapted here to see if could be useful as a guide for how we might bring the Waiheke CSA into fully operational existence, and meeting its vision of "Waiheke Well Fed".

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A Back of the Napkin look at CSA

After spending a few weeks working on the plan for the Te Matuku Bay property, and an overview of the Waiheke CSA project, I made a presentation to the Waiheke CSA Trust last week. I used a book called "The Back of a Napkin" to help create pictures to describe the What, How Many, Where, When, How, and Why of this project. Click on any picture to enlarge it. Your comments and feedback are most welcome.


This original vision drawing was done by Meriel, Eleanor and myself in early April.

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