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Susan Krumdieck addresses parliament in Belgium on Transition Planning for Cities and Personal Transport

Transition Engineering researcher, Dr. Susan Krumdieck from University of Canterbury, has presented a lecture on planning for Peak Oil to the Walloon Parliament in Belgium. » Read more

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Video: financial crisis presentation

While Peak oil and climate change have been a concern of ours for some time, it is my opinion that the financial crisis that now upon us eclipses both of those.

I have put together a video presentation about the financial crisis, and after watching it I think you'll agree.

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» Read more

Construction Clients Group meeting

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The New Zealand Construction Clients Group will come together on the 29th of October, to listen to various presentations on Transition Towns and the impacts of Peak Oil, and to watch "What a Way to Go - Life at the end of Empire". After the film I have been invited to facilitate a dialogue process, which will be both an opportunity to express something of their responses to the film and consider the impacts of what they have seen and learnt on the construction industry. » Read more

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