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Transition images for element magazine with the Herald

Hi folks,

I am writing a piece on TT for this publication, and would love to feature a great high resolution shot of TTers in action (preferably a garden or construction job, rather than discussion or stall).

It would be great if you anyone with a shot they really feel sums up the TT experience could contact me here or at

Cheers, and keep up the good work!

We need real news

I choose to share this video with you, because of how it affected me. I own my responses to it, and so you will not be taken by surprise if you click play, I wish to express some of the emotions it brought up in me.

I went from feeling delight that such a clear message was available to be shared, excitement at the possibility that we can wake up together and build a different world, to feeling fear from the knowledge that we have limited time to act in ways that might turn this spiral into a regenerative one which rebuilds the living systems and societies on this earth, then I felt a deep sorrow that we have lost so much, an awful sense of hopelessness - when I submit to the lie I tell myself, that I am weak and powerless. I felt couragous from the kowledge that we are stepping forward together. I felt hope in the possibiliy that we are about to create a brighter world, entering into it with our eyes wide open and the future well-being of our children and their children firmly in our sites.

And I felt grateful to you for being part of this movement of awake people, who are stepping out of the illusion of being a seperated and isolated individual, and celebrating in the joy and the possibility of co-creating a new and sustainable world together.

This talk by Paul Jay expresses how he came to be leading a New network that keeps our reality alive, and is not driven by profit motives of corporate media. It is like a tour of the world the likes of which I have seen rarely. It gives a glimpse of an interconnected world, very different from the one we may have thought we were living in. Here is a much bigger picture of what is happening across our world today, and at least one man's response to it.

I guess I identified with the motive. Having started my own version of a filtered set of news a few weeks ago. I have been connecting to some great media out there (including the likes of The Real News), and I post them on Transition TV - at least one new one every day - describing both the challenges but mostly the creativity with which people are responding to them.

October 4th, 2009 Paul Jay: We think good journalism first starts with accepting that you can't know any absolute truth. And when we say "The Real News," we don't mean we know some absolute truth; what we mean is that there is a real world out there, and we all have direct experience with it, and we want to cut past all the propaganda and the spin that describes that world through news, because we're now entering a period of human history which is certainly one of the more dangerous crossroads we've ever been in, and perhaps as never before we need to know what the reality is...

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Six Steps to Community Engagement

This presentation came as a bonus to the work I was doing for the Waiheke Community Supported Agriculture project. As I attempted to find an effective way to communicate the "How" of that project, I found I had stumbled upon a model that could be applied to any community project.

Ever since coming across the Transition Towns work and seeing how the 12 steps in the transition towns work to keep a local initiative on track, I quickly noticed that the same 12 steps could apply to an individual project. The six steps suggested here have distilled and simplified this even further, and you can watch and listen to this 5 minute video and then read the transcript, with embedded links.

Your comments are welcome.

Here is the transcript of the slideshow. » Read more

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For those who appreciate the theatre of the mind here is a torrent link from a really great website devoted to BBC radio.  Its 104 Megabytes so you'll need a Bit-torrent programme » Read more

Ooooby's first press coverage

As an initiative that has grown out of the same understandings as transition towns and one that I have put a good chunk of time into, it's a delight to see the media grabbing Ooooby (out of our own back yards) and holding it up as a good idea. Fundamentally it is about offering and facilitating the increase of inspiration, resources and sharing for food growers and locavores.

The first Ooooby store opened on Waiheke on January 10th. And this article came out on Feb 5th in Viva, the NZ Herald insert magazine which comes out each Wednesday.

Did you know that in the past year food seed sales in New Zealand, Ireland, the UK and the States, for the first time ever, have out-sold flower seeds?" Pete Russell fires across the table at me. "There's been a 60 per cent increase on the previous year. Food growing is a mega trend."

It's a warm summer's afternoon on Waiheke Island. We're sitting in the shade of a giant willow tree, someone nearby is strumming an acoustic guitar, the vibe is mellow and serene, but there's no hiding Russell's passion about his latest venture Ooooby (Out of our own backyards) - a movement designed to support growing and sharing local food production.

We're at Ooooby central - a newly opened store and garden centre that is just one face of Russell's vision. It is a place where people come and exchange the food they've grown at home with food or seeds others have grown. There's the chance to also swap tools, attend workshops, buy plants, or simply sit and relax under the trees. Read on... » Read more

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TT awareness raising posters. Use freely.


Two posters for awarness raising. Use freely.PDF files for printing at any size.


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