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The Transition Handbook

This 240 page book from Rob Hopkins, is surely one of the most clearly written, inspiring, practical and usable books I have ever read. It will be of enormous assistance to people involved in, or interested in starting, a Transition Initiative.

If you want to read some of Rob's posts, or watch a promotional video about this book, here they are on

And here are a couple of quotes from the book: » Read more

The four assumptions which underpin Transition initiatives

(1) That life with dramatically lower energy consumption is inevitable, and that it's better to plan for it than to be taken by surprise.

(2) That our settlements and communities presently lack the resilience to enable them to weather the severe energy shocks that will accompany peak oil.

(3) That we have to act collectively, and we have to act now. » Read more

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New Zealand Initiatives

According to the website, the Transition Towns movement has impacted 37 cities and suburbs of New Zealand, with the vast majority of them existing in the North Island following population patterns.

Based upon a quick scan each of the 37 region-pages, the first thing that becomes clear is the great diversity of content, ranging from the simple email contact and desire to start a group, to the more advanced events, dialogues and organizational structures. » Read more

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