Nicole Foss: A Century of Challenges

I don’t know what I don’t know, and what I heard from the Stoneleigh presentation by Nicole Foss at the Transition Conference, were a lot of things that ring true for me. I can only offer a modest summary here, but if after you listen to Nicole’s presentation and follow her slides, you think she is too pessimistic and overlooking something, I would love to hear from you.

The title of her presentation begged I find a quiet moment to sit and take it all in. So I stoked the fire, got comfortable and settled in. Not being one to run from bad news, I prefer to embrace it and let it make me stronger and more resolute to act in ways that I intuit may soon not be a choice. I can choose to cut my wood with a bow saw and know that I am building a bodily fitness, that may become needed, if not to cut logs by hand, but to work the land to grow food that is no longer being shipped many miles from energy intensive practices on farms persisting with industrial farming methods. In the future I’d like to think I may still have such choices, but to understate it, I’m not confident it will be the case.

Nicole begins by telling us that while her background is very much in the energy field, she and her partner have chosen to focus on the financial picture, because on the scale of time it moves much faster. However, she opens by acknowledging the energy-poor future we are heading for, and goes on to offer clear, concise data and interpret it in ways that seem to be inherently obvious. I know we can’t predict the future, but we can have fun trying, and I could find no fault in her logic.

Combine such factors such as increasing demand for energy in oil producing nations, just when production is falling and you have a recipe for a more rapid decline of available liquid fuels – the most used form of energy we have. A faster decline than is commonly shown on a Hubbert’s Peak diagrams. Onto that add an incredibly low EROEI (energy return on energy invested), and you’ll see the bio fuels and renewable energy sources can’t compete.

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Good, resilience building news, from Chile

This just came in from Grifen Hope in Chile. Grifen is a permaculturalist and visionary who has been living there for quite a number of years now. The response to the situation there is exemplary and an inspiration for all of us as we prepare for uncertain futures. There are lots of practical things that are being requested here, and you just may find one of them fits with your knowledge base, contacts or resources. Please read on...

Why Transition Audio

Think podcasts, think of being in the garden, sowing seeds, or potting seedlings, harvesting fruit, or taking a walk, and keeping up with the latest news and inspiration about the amazing transition we are going through, in this exciting time we live in.

I will get to posting the first audio (podcasts) shortly, and follow this with the essential how-to's of downloading these files to a device of your choosing for listening to at your convenience.

Visit Transition Audio, and see what is possible.

UK Govt Low Carbon Transition Plan

While I didn't read every word of Rob's thoughtful review of the UK Government's Low Caron Transition Plan my eye caught his critique on the way funds are allocated into communities.

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Come and join us for some meaningful dialogue

Transition training in Northland, May 23rd-24th, 2009

Northland Training website

Ruth Marsh and I have been in dialogue for a while about this one, and have agreed to co-facilitate a weekend event using the best that the Transition Towns movement has to offer. » Read more

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Dmitry Orlov author of "Re-inventing Collapse" has published some very insightful material about adapting to post-collapse scenarios. Here is a copy of his speech in San Francisco 13 Feb, 2009.

As usual his commentary has many tips and tricks and is sprinkled with some hilarious caustic humour.

His blog is well worth bookmarking and checking about once a week.

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Wow, I just discovered a whole other world! Setting up my Twitter account has led me to find these things tonight just by putting in a couple of different searches first for transition towns, and then for local currency.


East Anglia meeting

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Transforming communities

What would a co-created sustainable future look like?
How do we make it happen?

The Power of We
Harnessing community power to shape the future and create collective change.

An interactive immersion workshop with Margaret Jefferies and Anneleise Hall exploring how we can become catalysts for change through imagination, shared stories, values and creating a common dream.

April 11 and 12
at The Old Vicarage, Governors Bay

(Accommodation, materials and most meals included)
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An important message to all transitioners in Aotearoa

As many of you will know I offered to support the transition work in New Zealand, while facilitating the first transition workshops at the October 2007 Eco Show. The speed at which the work grew took me by surprise and I found myself running to keep up. 15 months later it is time to make some changes. I can no longer be working alone in the role of national facilitator, and it is urgent that the transition work gets more support. While I have received some financial support (for which I am most grateful) and also a little practical support, the time has come to widen the circle of people who assume some key responsibilities for this work in order to make it sustainable, and to rightly honour what has been an amazing response by many, many people all over the country.

I have been calling some people to see if they would like to attend a gathering to form a shared leadership team, and assume key roles in supporting the ongoing growth and development of the Transition work for New Zealand. » Read more

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Hello, Transition Towners,

I am new to using this website, as of today - Merry Christmas!

I look forward to working and networking with you all.

Contact me here or skype me at jay_l_robinson, with any ideas or help for doing TT in Palmerston North, or to keep in touch in this nationwide network.



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