Atamai Village – Are We There Yet?

Transition Towns and Atamai – Common Goal, Different Approach

The Transition Towns movement is about adapting existing communities to the impending challenges of climate change and energy descent, and the resulting economic and social disruption these challenges are already beginning to create in various parts of the world.   One of the challenges for the Transition Towns movement is whether changes to existing communities can o » Read more

A form of tangible support for the Atamai Village project

I have just sent in to the Tasman District Council, a submission and letter of support for The Atamai Village project which Jack and Joanna Santa Barbara from the Motueka Transition Town have been busy at work on. At a time when examples of resilient living are needed, here is a project which represents a great opportunity to the people in the Tasman District, and to all New Zealanders seeking to find ways to live in right relationship with the natural systems that sustain us.

Jacques and Joni working to complete a vegetable garden

If you read on you will find a simple step by step process that makes it easy for you to support this valuable project. It is possible that a little time spent on this will help set some precedent for the kinds of intelligent development that is needed if we are to create long term resilient communities. If the Atamai vilage project receives support and their integrated design is permitted to proceed it could help to establish a way forward for other communities wishing to design for themselves a dignified way of living in a lower energy future.

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