Local Company in 50th Year of Operation

La Nuova Apparelmaster In 50th Year


One of Inglewood's largest employers La Nuova Apparelmaster has now been operating in the Taranaki region for 50 years.

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The End of Suburbia screens in Inglewood

Come along to find out about the end of the era of cheap oil.  This film will knock your socks off.

At the Cue Theatre in Inglewood. $2 entry. 


A steering group has been formed and an action plan has been developed. Our first act was to plan a series of film showings at Cue Theatre in Inglewood.

Tuesday 22nd July: "The End of Surburbia". 7pm. $2 entry.

Tuesday 29th July: "The Power of Community: how Cuba survived peak oil". 7pm. $2 entry.

Tuesday 5th August: "Peak Oil: imposed by nature" (a short movie) followed by "Money As Debt".  7pm. $2 entry.


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