Nationwide rally TPP 7 March 2015

KEEP OUR SOVERIGNTY, STOP THE NWO's Trans Pacific Partnership.

Nationwide Rally being planned for March 7th.

Nov 8th Rally brung over 10 thousand nation wide. Wellington over 2 thousand.


Are we interested in putting together one for the Hutt? » Read more

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NEWS: Prepare for Returnees

A number of media commentators have spoken recently about ex-pats returning to NZ from OZ, UK etc.  This kind of fallout has long been foreseen and I for one expect it to offset some of the declines in the housing market.  Whether this will lead to a rejuvenation of smaller country towns such as where I live, or simply a displacement of the poorer from NZ's urban centres to such towns remains to be seen.  This will depend on how bad things really get and how desperate people are for space on the lifeboat. » Read more

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