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Be the Change with Active Hope


How do we survive the mess we are in and not go crazy?

What will it take to unleash sustainable and resilient Transition Communities in every corner of Aotearoa? » Read more

Location / Venue: 
EcoMatters Trust, New Lynn

Urban Eden Workshop gardening workshop with Jim O'Gorman the Dirt Doctor!

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Location / Venue: 
Ellerslie, Auckland

Titirangi introduction

We have been meeting monthly since September 2008 and there has been much enthusiasm and wide-ranging discusson.  Next month we will hold an 'Awarenes raising' evening on 31 March at 612 West Coast Road Oratia.  We will show the DVD 'The Story of Stuff' and then Patrick Doherty (who did the T/T training with Naresh and Sophie in Dubling last year) will give a presentation on Transition Towns.  We hope to have a big turn out and lots of interesting exchange of ideas.

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