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Please contact these people if you want to know more or get involved:

Remi Dierick
09 401 60 81

Nicola Haszard
027 491 12 03

The Brainstorm Basket

This basket will capture all those wonderfully wild ideas which otherwise would drop into oblivion.

Have a stroll around and pick your liking !

idea 1: fill this basket !

Gardens, gardens, gardens everywhere (organic of course) filled with vegetables and fruit to feed the body; with flowers to feed the soul. If this seems like your dream too, contact the local Bay of Islands seed savers group at


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This page contains a list of

  • past projects and events
  • meetings

Past Projects and Events

May 22 - Frontpage in the Bay Chronicle

"Kerikeri aims for resilience in testing time", May 22, frontpage Bay Chronicle. Feature article on the front page explaining briefly the threath of Peak Oil and the Transition Towns respons + link to website. There are two more articles further in the same paper mentioning Transition Towns + also the cartoon talks about it. Our first Transition shower ! » Read more

Upcoming events

We have the following projects and events in the pipeline:

  • Thursday 17 July - Let's get organized meeting

Event Details

Thursday 17 July: Let's get organized meeting

Kerikeri, all people who showed interest at our first Awareness evening or via personal contact have been invited.

The aim of this meeting is to build a Steering Group from scratch. All people who are at the meeting and are interested can join.

The evening will look like this: » Read more

Bay of Islands - Future Thoughts and Dreams

You can daydream here, and gather strength to make it happen...

Imagine a town

Imagine a town in the Far North where streets are populated by people instead of cars. Where all the food comes from around the corner, growing in lush, subtropical gardens. A town that produces its own electricity, coming from numerous solar cells, tiny wind mills and perhaps a few advanced steam engines. » Read more

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