Send John a postcard

Here's a way to offer John Key some helpful advice. Read the text, and if it makes you smile, then download it and print it and send it...

The image below, is from the PDF file itself, which you can download here:

Right-Click OR Cntr/Click and Save Target As... OR Save Link As...

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CRAPping at the anti-mining march

Having hundreds of protesters hurl abuse at you, make obscene gestures, get in-your-face, make wild accusations, even spit on you, and generally express their frustrations, must seem like an o » Read more

A community development model

Why do so many good ideas for building community resilience fail to get off the ground?

Can we turn that around?

When I first came across Richard Moore's line of reasoning, it struck a chord with me. After introducing and honouring the work of Transition Towns, Local currency initiatives, and the Wise Democracy movement, he points out the obvious Catch-22. » Read more

350 Aotearoa Bill McKibben Tour 2009

A week-and-a-bit of events for everyone in New Zealand concerned about climate change and wanting to do something about it to make our concern heard...!

Straight from the coal-face of international climate activism and negotiations, Professor Bill McKibben (author, educator, environmentalist) is visiting New Zealand on a whirlwind tour. » Read more

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